Welcome to the Marshfairies

            Dolls House Club

The Marshfairies live in the Fens & Marshes of England and spend their time creating beautiful Original treasures for their wonderful fairy and dolls houses.

They each have special talents, and of course their fairy magic which is incorporated into each of their wonderful creations.

The Marshfairies have decided that it is time to share their love of making & dolls houses by giving you the opportunity to have a go for yourself and to share your ideas and pictures with them and each other.

This site is dedicated to those of you who would love to return to the fairy & miniature magical way of life.

We have also incorporated little stories

The Marshdragons & the seaside

and galleries about the various Marshfairies and their creations.

   Dravina's Dragon's   Chippeto's furniture   Embroidera's Bedding   Mangello's Art

Their wonderful creations can be purchased on our sister site, simply click the Marshfairies Treasures link at the bottom of the page to visit another world full of magical things.

Craft Projects for you to make

We have some wonderful make it ideas with easy to follow instructions and pictures, including handy tips on 'How to wallpaper your dolls house'.
Keep your eyes open as we are adding more craft projects all the time.

Fairy Gift Bag  

Have Fun!

Thank you for visiting, if you would like to sign our guest book it would be greatly appreciated.

With love from the Marshfairies x x

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